Being a real woman with attitude, An Attitude Goddess in her own right. Believing in good, honouring herself Sharing life’s experiences with pure delight I Imagine …

Being a real woman with respect

Gracefully listening to hearts’ desire

Tenderly practising positive self care

Living consciously each day a degree higher

I Imagine …

Being a real woman living in the powerful now

Open and honest and healing the past

Walking through life so proud of herself

Feeling happiness and contentment to last

I Imagine …

Being a real woman who scripts her own life

A Woman With Attitude – with a wise worldly voice

Making decisions, being true to herself

Moving intuitively toward a direction of choice

I Imagine …

Being a real woman who celebrates herself

In love with her body, and intelligent mind

Who knows and believes she’s more than enough

Thinking loving thoughts, true and kind

I Imagine …

Being a real woman sharing with other like minds

A blend of individual unique living souls

Caring and giving, understanding and living

In pursuit of our own unique special goals

Imagination is the key to make all dreams come true

Be inspired to live with integrity in everything we do.

Allow your inner spirit to set free, beyond horizons anew

Creating visions in the mind – to be the best you. Lea Gay