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“Our task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.”
Rumi ~

As the moon wanes into her darkness our attention turns inward. We seek the barriers we have built against love to set our hearts right, the intention for our New Moon Despacho. Reflecting on relationship is a path to these barriers.

Where are we estranged from loved ones? Who have we cut out of our life in a fit of fury or rage? Where are we in chronic conflict with another? Are there people who cause you to feel diminished, depleted, impatient, irritated? Who do you avoid? These are our teachers. For these places of turmoil in relationship reflect an inner turmoil of our heart. The barriers we build against another with our anger, hatred, fear, pride, arrogance, envy or judgment create…

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One Million Gardens can change the world

Start a Garden… why is the garden so important? It teaches us all in what we can do Now! Break free from the dependency from Big Agra, and take out the guest work of knowing that the food you grow will be safe to eat! An organic garden also helps restore and repopulate the bee colonies. In this video noted physicist & recipient of The Right Livelihood Award, Dr. V. Shiva simplifies what we’re all trying to do.

Extensive List of Organic Pest Control Remedies

List compiled by Australian Organic Gardening Posted on Wake Up World


You can make your own organic bug spray from kitchen leftovers! Simply save your onion skins, peels and ends then refrigerate in an empty margarine-sized tub or ziplock bag until the container is full. Once you have enough, place the onion…

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