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Through one of the darkest nights of my Soul walking barefoot through the woods seemed the only thing to do. A cry from depths of isolating loneliness longed to connect, to belong, to heal. I later came to learn there is a great body of research on the healing benefits of walking barefoot. I did not need science to tell me this. A primordial wisdom knew.

Most of my day is spent barefoot. My work involves using my whole body as a tool. I need ready access to my feet. Walking barefoot is a practice for me. To be barefoot on the Earth changes my usual way of walking. Walking barefoot on the Earth forces me to slow down. A slow and mindful step is necessary to keep my feet from hurting. One cannot hurry over sticks and stones.

I listen through my feet. It is as if the deep magnetic…

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Are you jealous? Do you feel discomfort when your partner develops a bond with another or when your child prefers the company of another over you? Do you feel envious when a friend achieves exuberant success or lands a welcome windfall of money, love or opportunity? We live in a world that not only views jealousy and envy as commonplace, but natural and a part of life. What’s up with that? Why is discomfort so accepted and supported?

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