Hello world!

I enjoy reading and often find things to share so decided I’d create a place to share things that are meaningful to me
……What if we live with the spirit of Christmas in our hearts everyday? How would it be like to feel the same joy of giving and receiving, the same thrill in front of beauty, the same eagerness of getting together? It would be great, wouldn’t it?
To be like a child always discovering the magic of Christmas, having sleepless nights awaiting for Santa to come… What if we truly get to see Santa’s sleigh amidst the stars and try to figure out how he always makes it to come to everybody only in one night? I’d love to feel this magic all year round, and I think it is possible.
Why should we wait for this time of year to remember that beauty, magic and joy resides in simple things, that we can adorn our lives with colourful wishes, sparkling desires and light? Let’s allow our hearts to snow kindness, selflessness, joy, perseverance, desire to fulfill higher wishes!
Thank you all for a marvelous year, for being part of The Whispering Voice page, for enchanting me with your comments and thoughts, for your eagerness in reading my stories.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas! May it bring you gifts of Love, Compassion, Health and Happiness!

© Copyright 2011  Irina Serban


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