a structure for spirit

“Our task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.”
Rumi ~

As the moon wanes into her darkness our attention turns inward. We seek the barriers we have built against love to set our hearts right, the intention for our New Moon Despacho. Reflecting on relationship is a path to these barriers.

Where are we estranged from loved ones? Who have we cut out of our life in a fit of fury or rage? Where are we in chronic conflict with another? Are there people who cause you to feel diminished, depleted, impatient, irritated? Who do you avoid? These are our teachers. For these places of turmoil in relationship reflect an inner turmoil of our heart. The barriers we build against another with our anger, hatred, fear, pride, arrogance, envy or judgment create…

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One Million Gardens can change the world

Start a Garden… why is the garden so important? It teaches us all in what we can do Now! Break free from the dependency from Big Agra, and take out the guest work of knowing that the food you grow will be safe to eat! An organic garden also helps restore and repopulate the bee colonies. In this video noted physicist & recipient of The Right Livelihood Award, Dr. V. Shiva simplifies what we’re all trying to do.

Extensive List of Organic Pest Control Remedies

List compiled by Australian Organic Gardening Posted on Wake Up World


You can make your own organic bug spray from kitchen leftovers! Simply save your onion skins, peels and ends then refrigerate in an empty margarine-sized tub or ziplock bag until the container is full. Once you have enough, place the onion…

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a structure for spirit

Through one of the darkest nights of my Soul walking barefoot through the woods seemed the only thing to do. A cry from depths of isolating loneliness longed to connect, to belong, to heal. I later came to learn there is a great body of research on the healing benefits of walking barefoot. I did not need science to tell me this. A primordial wisdom knew.

Most of my day is spent barefoot. My work involves using my whole body as a tool. I need ready access to my feet. Walking barefoot is a practice for me. To be barefoot on the Earth changes my usual way of walking. Walking barefoot on the Earth forces me to slow down. A slow and mindful step is necessary to keep my feet from hurting. One cannot hurry over sticks and stones.

I listen through my feet. It is as if the deep magnetic…

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rethinking everything BLOG

Are you jealous? Do you feel discomfort when your partner develops a bond with another or when your child prefers the company of another over you? Do you feel envious when a friend achieves exuberant success or lands a welcome windfall of money, love or opportunity? We live in a world that not only views jealousy and envy as commonplace, but natural and a part of life. What’s up with that? Why is discomfort so accepted and supported?

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Our Lady of the Red Thread

Be in love with the day

do you know how to be in love with the day?
how to listen to the language of the moss
and what her message is to her love the tree?
do you know how to follow the narrow trail of the deer
to a wooded stream where God dwells?
do you know how to make kisses into medicine
for healing wounded souls?
do you know how to breath the ocean
so that it makes you believe again?
do you know that you are a part of the great
weave of the universe?
the one that our blessed mother is
knitting us into.
each move we make she knits in
and finds a way to make it beautiful, in time.
and since there is so much brokenness
and so much imperfection
is it possible to live in wonder at the day’s light?
do you know…

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when worlds collide


i took this photo earlier this winter while hiking along the vermillion river. i guess that my natural curiosity got the better of me and i had to bend down and look into the hollow log. not an unusual thing for me to do. looking at the world from a different perspective from time to time can be healthy  in that it may spark creativity or unique thoughts; your own personal way of thinking outside the box.



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Feeling the love…… beautiful

Dispatches from the Potomac

“I swear I’ve seen a lot of stuff in my life, but that…was…awesome.”

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Really, Ed? Starting a blog post about the ancient art of falconry with a quote from Tommy Boy?” Well sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected places. And besides, I want to be able to capture all the web traffic from people who might Google the terms “Chris Farley” and “Rabbit Hawking” together.

When I learned the Virginia Falconers Association was having a meet not far from where I live (which was right after I learned that falconry was practiced at all in this part of the U.S.), I couldn’t wait to see what it was all about. I will be writing more about the sport and my day, but for now I wanted to share my favorite photos from this amazing experience. I hope you enjoy them.

(The beautiful bird pictured…

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Being a real woman with attitude, An Attitude Goddess in her own right. Believing in good, honouring herself Sharing life’s experiences with pure delight I Imagine …

Being a real woman with respect

Gracefully listening to hearts’ desire

Tenderly practising positive self care

Living consciously each day a degree higher

I Imagine …

Being a real woman living in the powerful now

Open and honest and healing the past

Walking through life so proud of herself

Feeling happiness and contentment to last

I Imagine …

Being a real woman who scripts her own life

A Woman With Attitude – with a wise worldly voice

Making decisions, being true to herself

Moving intuitively toward a direction of choice

I Imagine …

Being a real woman who celebrates herself

In love with her body, and intelligent mind

Who knows and believes she’s more than enough

Thinking loving thoughts, true and kind

I Imagine …

Being a real woman sharing with other like minds

A blend of individual unique living souls

Caring and giving, understanding and living

In pursuit of our own unique special goals

Imagination is the key to make all dreams come true

Be inspired to live with integrity in everything we do.

Allow your inner spirit to set free, beyond horizons anew

Creating visions in the mind – to be the best you. Lea Gay

Horse Whisperer

A wonderful poem to share w/you all, I hope it brings you pleasure as it did me.

Horse Whisperer.

Hello world!

I enjoy reading and often find things to share so decided I’d create a place to share things that are meaningful to me
……What if we live with the spirit of Christmas in our hearts everyday? How would it be like to feel the same joy of giving and receiving, the same thrill in front of beauty, the same eagerness of getting together? It would be great, wouldn’t it?
To be like a child always discovering the magic of Christmas, having sleepless nights awaiting for Santa to come… What if we truly get to see Santa’s sleigh amidst the stars and try to figure out how he always makes it to come to everybody only in one night? I’d love to feel this magic all year round, and I think it is possible.
Why should we wait for this time of year to remember that beauty, magic and joy resides in simple things, that we can adorn our lives with colourful wishes, sparkling desires and light? Let’s allow our hearts to snow kindness, selflessness, joy, perseverance, desire to fulfill higher wishes!
Thank you all for a marvelous year, for being part of The Whispering Voice page, for enchanting me with your comments and thoughts, for your eagerness in reading my stories.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas! May it bring you gifts of Love, Compassion, Health and Happiness!

© Copyright 2011  Irina Serban